Infrastructure Review

The Infrastructure Review is the first setup for any organisation who are serious about security. This assessment focuses on the technical aspects of your exposure and these can be prevented.

Combining advanced scanning engines and intelligence-driven probing into your Internet-facing assets produces a comprehensive vulnerability assessment which we cross-reference against multiple sets of data relating to known threats and exploitable scenarios. Additionally, we can deploy the same technologies against your wireless networks, an area which is becoming increasingly exploited by cyber criminals as an effective attack vector.

We compile our results into a detailed report based on a ‘traffic light’ system of severity, integrating clear language with highly-detailed technical instructions allows this to be deployed immediately as a working document for your IT team.

We will guide you through the resolution process and can incorporate post-remediation verification options.

This is a non-intrusive service and is equivalent to the targeting stages of a cyber-attack; hardening your defenses here thwarts those reconnaissance attempts and presents a clear message to the would-be attacker that you are not a soft target!